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Jessica Sherman reviewed American Zen-Do Kai Martial Arts — 5 star 
Such a great place! My daughter loves the program and everyone is super nice! Thank you for being so great with the kids!  :)

Solomon May reviewed American Zen-Do Kai Martial Arts — 5 star
What a great experience for my son. He is just getting started but is already very comfortable. That tells me a lot because he does not generally enjoy new environments. Mrs. Streeter does an amazing job with the children and they respond well to her. They have fun and get exercise. They learn skills that will benefit them in the dojo and in life. It is clean and healthy space. Two thumbs up. P.S. I recommend joining in on parents night. It is a ton of fun for the kids and parents

 Katherine Gotobed-Frasier — 5 star I'm so proud of the smile and thumbs up I get every time Connor learns something new in his beginner class. And I'm enjoying the challenge of the adult beginner class both mentally and physically!

Chrissy Altemus reviewed American Zen-Do Kai Martial Arts — 5 star
Our son has been training here for just over a year and has had an amazing experience from the very start! He has overcome so many social obstacles and has gained an incredible amount of self-confidence. The instructors are very dedicated and we look forward to continuing his training for years to come.

 Josh Horning — 5 star We are so lucky to have this studio in our community! There is nowhere else I would ever want to send my kids to train in Martial Arts. Every one of my children have attended Zen Do Kai and there is one more child beginning soon. The results are amazing, both in and out of the studio. You couldn't ask for a better group of instructors. It's a great environment for training. They teach children 3 and up, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a better activity for your children to take part in. Especially in this area

Kristin Mancini 5 star
This program has helped my son so much. His anxiety has gone down and his confidence has gone up. Prime example, my son was told he wasn't cool because he didn't play football and boys didn't want to play with him on the playground. He said ok that's fine but I am cool , I have a yellow belt and other friends. As a mom I wanted to cry but he was ok and he is right he has lots of friends and he does have a yellow belt.

Sherry Lynn James — 5 star Just a wonderful program for our kids, Mr. And Mrs. Streeter show the most structured program I have ever seen, something our children need. I love that the program is strong with self confidence, respect, discipline and great morals. I wish I got my children involved sooner. Our children have only been in karate since October 2014, and we have already noticed significant positive changes. Thank you AZDK!

Rhonda J Holland — 5 star I have been with the AZDK since I was 6 years old. They are a fantastic group of people who help each person achieve their goals. They also focus on grades for those who are still in school and college. They help people to overcome their fears and to step outside of their comfort box. They have helped me to become the person that I am. I am definitely proud and extremely honored to have such great and supportive people in my life.

Rachel Bieniek Waufle — 5 star AZDK is a wonderful place with fantastic instructors! They do a great job with all of the kids!

Heather Guzman  5 star
this is a great program!!!! Mrs. Streeter is amazing with the kids! It's so fun to watch and see the kids develop! Thanks for doing such an outstanding job!

5 star My son has been attending karate for close to a year. He is only 5 but understands the importance of respect and discipline. Bonnie was wonderful with him in little dragons and hes learning even more in beginning juniors.

Brian Desrochers 5 star  Ethan needed an environment where he could learn self control and self confidence. This is a great place for that. The instructors are terrific and extremely patient with the students. We are so glad we chose AZDK!!!