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Welcome to the Exciting World of Martial Arts with the AMERICAN ZEN-DO KAI   From our Little Dragon Program for our youngest martial artists to our martial arts programs for juniors and adults, our instructors are dedicated to helping you and/or your family achieve your individual goals.   Why is Martial Arts So Popular? Martial arts are so popular because no other activity can provide the same results as martial arts. Whether your goals are self-confidence, self-defense,personal development, fitness, and flexibility or to earn a black belt, the AZDK is there to assist you.
  Martial Arts are great for Children! The AZDK Beginning Junior Program will help your child learn how to set and reach goals, encourage honesty, self-control and leadership. Great kids become great adults!   Carleton University, in a study reported in Psychology Today (January 1985), found that children in martial arts have a lower level of anxiety; an increased sense of responsibility; make better choices; better self-esteem; higher level of social intelligence; and were less likely to be radical. 1. Our reward system improves children's self-esteem Martial arts are not like team sports because the emphasis is on developing the individual's self confidence. The belt system is the key. When kids earn their belts and special belt stripes it gives them a great sense of accomplishment that really improves the way they feel about themselves. 2. Our program teaches children discipline One of the things parents appreciate most about our classes is the improvement in their child’s self-discipline. We have a wonderful staff of patient instructors who love to work with children, but are also very clear about limits. We set rules of behavior in class, and we expect the same good behavior at home and in school. 3. Our activities channel children's aggression. We have had local pediatricians suggest to parents that martial arts training is a positive outlet it gives the kids for all their energy. Our high energy classes will help reduce stress and work up a sweat :) Active students will perform better in school and sleep better at night. 4. Our classes help children's self-esteem. We believe confidence is one of the most important things we can give kids. That’s why every class we teach has confidence-building drills included. 5. Our program teaches children essential self-defense skills. We also instill the principles when it's appropriate to use your martial arts skills.

6.  Our program teaches leadership skills.  Each student will be encouraged to take an active role in mastering leadership skills by assisting in exercises, attending tournaments and helping other AZDK students.